Today, software security and security tests for IT products have become important for many companies to produce high quality products. The companies have been tested by an accredited common criteria laboratory by disciplining software development with ISO 15504 SPICE certificate and ISO 15408 Common Criteria certificate and they have a certified product. The studies carried out for these two standards enable the establishment of a level infrastructure. In recent years, customers who will use IT products know the power of these documents, so that they can use the products comfortably and safely.

It should be stated here that the Common Criteria Certificate is a specific product safety standard which is taken into the IT product when SPICE certificate is developing/developed into software projects. So how will companies prepared for SPICE and common criteria to get these certificates? Before taking these documents, companies should firstly fulfill the requirements of the standard by taking consultancy services or making their own preparations. Following the completion of the preparations for each document, the process will be briefly explained.

ISO 15504 SPICE Certification
After the preparations for this document are completed, the process is initiated with the applications to the Turkish Standards Institute. Currently, TSE performs SPICE audits for Turkey's borders. After the official application and the payment of related application fee, TSE can request a number of documents by e-mail for pre-made preparations according to see the situation of the company. Thus, TSE controls the preparation status of the company that wants to obtain the certificate. When it is believed that everything is procedurally appropriate, an audit date is planned by appointment of the company and TSE officials. Acording to SPICE Level 2 certification, a total of 4 days examination with 2 people from TSE as an audit team is passed. After the approval certfication will be finalised.

ISO 15408 Common Criteria Certification
For this certification the only authority as a Common Criteria Certification System (OCBS) in our country is TSE. However, unlike SPICE certification, the examination and testing procedures are carried out by the Common Criteria Testing laboratory whic was acredited by TÜRKAK and TSE. TSE evaluates the common criteria process by evaluation of test reports prepared by the test laboratory.