A Different Glance for Security

In our country, some of the most important reasons why a worldwide known Information Technology (IT) product cannot come out are reliability and recognition. Although many IT companies operate in our country, and although a lot of products are produced, an IT product that can be a brand cannot pass the number of fingers of a hand unfortunately. This may have many economic, cultural, political and geographical reasons, but being a brand in the globalized world is more likely to be in the IT sector than other sectors.

There may be a number of ways to improve reliability, validation, and awareness. For example, a serious advertising campaign, the marketing of a product to create a strong image and a few of them are spread. However, none of these can provide the effect of standardization and certification with a confidence element alone. On the other hand, the continuity of reliability will continue with the certification obtained by independent parties.

The Common Criteria Certificate, which has started to be demanded mostly in military fields, has become a preferred point of choice by many public institutions and different sectors in order to provide the needed reliability. Common Criteria as an English expression refers to the acceptance of a general criterion by many Countries over which the name implies. This ISO certification standard, which is recognized in 28 different countries as of 2019, has been used for many years in the evaluation of IT products.

All types of IT products evaluated in our country and in the world through the evaluation of Common Criteria laboratories are certified by the Certification Authorities in each Country. Their studies and evaluations are audited every year in order to keep the quality at all levels. Therefore, it can be said that the quality is always kept in the upper lattice and a uniformity in the international arena is ensured.

Last but not least, if businesses tell their products with the Common Criteria Certification instead of telling themselves, the real added value they will provide will be more.