The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) or the CyberSecurity Emergency Response Team (CERT) is a specialist group dealing with computer security incidents. Information security is an important issue that requires precise and in-depth knowledge and experience. The use of the right information and the effective choice in this regard ensures that the most critical response is given in the name of cyber security during emergency situations. The effectiveness of these teams requires constant readiness and the necessary trainings and solutions are available to the institutions.

CERTBY, acting with the philosophy of CERT.By.US, has been established to provide you with all kinds of solutions related to cyber security and act in the niche areas of information security. In this respect, it provides important services to provide an added value to our country.

To provide necessary trainings for the creation of Cyber ​​Incidents Response Teams, to provide solutions to identify and report incidents such as SIEM (Security Information Event Management) which are capable of correlating, to establish information security management system and to ensure compliance with ISO 27001 ISMS standard. In addition, the technical compliance within the framework of Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data is the core of the CERT.By.US philosophy. Common Criteria assessments of Information Technology products as Common Criteria Laboratory with penetration testing or other name penetration tests are offered under the umbrella of our company.

You choose the protection of the this philosophy with the umbrella of CERT.By.US to get the most special service for your organization, in order to take the right step for cyber security today. Keep in mind that without total defense and preparation, a significant improvement of cyber security cannot be achieved.