Nowadays, sharing of personal data as much as viruses is a phenomenon that is desired to be taken under control. Especially in our world where physical boundaries are lifted, it is understood that sharing will not be as easy as before. As a matter of fact, the regulations brought by the new Earth confirm this situation. It is as if the diet of a situation that was delayed by the law enacted for the protection of Personal Data in our country. Not much, shortly before, other Turkish identity numbers, names, addresses, etc. were disclosed and shared in our country. Therefore, Law No. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data is an important regulation.

With the KVKK numbered 6698 published in the Official Gazette on 7 April 2016, the transition was requested to be completed after 2 years. Today, Personal Data is secured by law. Enterprises are required to identify, secure and transfer the personal data they have processed within the foreseen dates and to transfer this to the VERBİS application. Although it has been postponed several times, it is essential that businesses eventually complete this process. However, a general belief is that these dates are perceived as the transition date for KVKK. However, these dates are the deadlines for businesses to report to the VERBİS system. This is not the deadline for businesses to get personal data security. Enterprises are now obliged to process their personal data in accordance with the law since April 7, 2018. Therefore, the sanctions that businesses can meet in case they do not fulfill their legal obligations are already implemented.

Another misconception is the thought of performing Personal Data management once and for all. This idea is not true. In all cases where there is Personal Data processing, businesses must manage and maintain this process. It is understood that static structures such as Excel cannot be kept insufficient and up-to-date for personal data management. Just like the development of Document management systems, the implementation of Personal Data Management Systems has started. As businesses, it is essential that decision makers act with this awareness and evaluate the best service required.