Hi everybody,

If you are developing software, you must have heard the word SPICE somewhere. When you listen to what this is, maybe you may have heard the statements of ISO, 15504, Standard and said better stay away from me.

Software development is often a critical point of view when dealing with coding, and when we examine the standards we approach, I have always heard the following statements from friends around me: "Here, we want to do just that.", "Everything is very good but it is difficult to apply!", "Great, but it is not possible to implement in our company! ”. I have never met anyone who said that it is bad.

Well, before we start thinking about how useful it is to our business, let's take a look at what it is.

ISO / IEC 15504 is an international norm for evaluating the maturity of business processes for software development. A process reference model defines the central processes that will be studied and performed in any software development. The process determination model defines how processes within an organization will be evaluated.

Yes, when you describe it like that, it loses its charm from the beginning, like the eggplant moussaka recipe. However, if we say to eat spicy lamb skewers, your appetite will be whetted. SPICE is a bit like that. In fact, it is basically nothing different from the software development processes we all know. Analysis, design, coding, test, release etc. If we call these lamb meats, it is called SPICE when you season them and cook them a little. Is not it beautiful? All you have to do is enjoy it.

As a result; ISO / IEC 15504 is the European equivalent of the US maturity model Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI). The equivalent of the standard in TSE is TS ISO / IEC 15504.

Hope to see you in a new article.