Internal Audit

Internal Audit

In enterprises, information security requires that information and quality activities be provided in an effective manner from outside.

ISO 27001 information security internal audit is carried out on behalf of effective and traceability of information security. Internal audits are carried out by Secrise personnel as an on-site service.

As a result of the internal audit performed, the company's awareness analysis is established.

Nonconformities and / or recommendations that arise as a result of internal audit are reported in detail to the organization. As a result of the report, information security improvement processes are established with the institution.

As Secrise we carry out the following activities within the scope of internal audit;

Removing awareness analysis
Removing gap analysis
Realization of internal auditing training
Performing internal audit
Establishment of processes to improve non-conformities and / or recommendations that result in internal audit
Providing periodic checks of internal audits.